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Yogi Adityanath

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Uttar Pradesh

Our state of Uttar Pradesh is rich in terms of natural and human resources, traditional handicrafts as well as various arts and skills. It is endowed with it panorama of geographical and cultural diversity. But despite this, considering the existing situation of artisans and craft persons in various craft, skills and enterprises, a need is felt lot their balanced and inclusive economic development.

Keeping these requirements and gaps in mind, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has taken a very important and innovative decision to implement the concept of 'One District One Product'. This concept is based on the distinct identity of handicrafts, agro and processed products, as well as other specialized products of different districts of our state. This scheme would cover every district of the State and skillful production and market promotion strategies would be developed, based on the analyzed fixings emerged from the survey of identified products at district level.

The implementation of One District One Product' scheme would be revised on regular basis by the District Magistrate at the district level and Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner at the state level, so that district products could be made commercially profitable. In this scheme efforts would be made for optimal utilization of local resources.

I believe that "One District One Product" scheme would be helpful in culminating the feeling of prosperity and respect through self-employment among the youth of Uttar Pradesh and also in preserving and promoting the skills and crafts which are losing their identity and charm.

My best wishes for the successful implementation of the scheme.

(Yogi Adityanath )