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Odopmart is a one-stop-shop for all ODOP products. From the subtle and elegant Chikankari to the vibrant and baroque Benarasi, from the carefully carved Moradabadi metal craft to the finely detailed Bhadohi carpets, find all the beautiful handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh on our website!



 Odopmart is an initiative to provide an online platform to small businesses and artisans, to enable them to enhance sales by reaching out to a wider customer base. It aims to digitally empower the handicrafts industry of Uttar Pradesh by providing it with the necessary physical and digital infrastructure to cater to a national audience. This is a one of a kind marketplace working at the intersection of modern logistics and ancient crafts made possible by the Uttar Pradesh Government.


By combining erstwhile tradition with contemporary values of sustainability, exclusiveness and slow fashion - Odopmart provides you with the opportunity to shop for locally made, handcrafted and heritage products. We believe in promoting the continuous tradition of our land and supporting the infallible and precious handicrafts industry and all those who contribute to it.